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Through ALPHA BANK ROMANIA products you can participate in favorable conditions on the foreign exchange market, you have the option to be protected against the foreign exchange risk and also, depending on the market conditions you can take benefit of the opportunities given by the modifications of the exchange rate.

ALPHA BANK ROMANIA offers you standard or negotiated treasury services, fixed or informative prices.

With Alpha Click, the Internet Banking service from ALPHA BANK ROMANIA, you have permanent access to electronic transactions and deposits on the foreign exchange markets.

Also, we offer you foreign exchange transactions with "same day" (t), "tomorrow" (t+1) or "spot" (t+2) settlement.

FX transactions above minimum amount 10.000 EUR or equivalent are eligible for negotiation.

For cash management ALPHA BANK ROMANIA offers you FX FORWARD transactions for exchange rate and FX SWAP for foreign bills, under the foreign exchange market conditions as well as those established by the bank (this kind of operations make the object of your contract with the bank):
• FX FORWARD transactions are selling / buying currency operations with a settlement of more than 2 working days from the date the transaction is closed, at an exchange rate established between the parties (forward exchange rate). If the settlement is in a free day, it will be made on the next day. The settlement date is established at a certain day (1 week, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months);
• FX SWAP transactions are simultaneous selling and buying operations of the same amount of currency with a settlement on 2 different exchange rates (usually "spot" and "forward") at the exchange rates ("spot" and "forward") established at the transaction date.

We hereby bring to your attention that the products presented above, all bear and are not limited to the following risks: the exchange rate risk, credit (counterparty) risk, market risk, settlement risk.

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