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Now only with ANAF query for customers with income from salaries and pensions

Information on AlphaCard Visa Credit:
• an embossed credit card, equipped with chip and magnetic stripe, issued in RON;
• maximum credit limit is 3.500 EUR (RON equivalent) or 3 net monthly salaries;
• the card can be used in Romania or abroad, anywhere where the sign is posted, either for shopping at retailers or for cash withdrawals from ATM's;
• 0% commission for any payment by card at traders anywhere in the world;
• 0% interest for any payment by card at traders and anywhere in the world, if you reimburse the entire amount until the due date;
• you may benefit of a grace period of up to 55 days.
by monthly reimbursing of only 2.5% of the due amount (minimum 10 lei) you can have access to the entire Credit available on your card;
• for cash withdrawals from ATMs or bank counters, the interest is only calculated starting with the moment when you access the Credit;
• you will benefit free of charge of the "Verified by Visa" service, which will provide protection to your Internet transactions. By activating this service you will receive a unique password which will ensure that only you can use your AlphaCard Visa for Internet purchases and thus protecting your online shopping;
• you can change your PIN directly at the Alpha Bank  ATMs;
• you receive a monthly income statement if there was at least one transaction in the previous month;
• you can ask for an additional AlphaCard Visa Credit to offer to your close ones;
• you can withdraw cash from credit cards with 0 commission from Alpha Bank Romania units. This type of access to a credit line has no grace period.

AlphaCard Visa Credit is valid for 4 years and its validity is automatically extended, unless you request otherwise.

Payments towards the credit card account can be made by any of the below instruments:
Alpha Click - the internet banking service provided by ALPHA BANK ROMANIA, offering you the possibility to perform counter operations any time and anywhere in the world
• automatic debiting of your Alpha Bank current account or through bank transfer your current account opened with any other bank;
• cash deposit - at any of the ALPHA BANK ROMANIA counter.

In order to apply you have to:
In order to benefit of an AlphaCard Visa Credit if you meet a minimum of requirements:
• minimum age is 18 (at the time of filling in the application form);
• have a monthly net income over 1000 RON (or equivalent);
• be a fiscal resident in Romania, employed of at least 3 months at the same employer or retired and for liberal professions at least 1 year practice is required.

The requested documents are:
• your ID card;
• Most recent phone bill / mobile invoice registered on home/residence address
Simplified documentation applies only to customers who have income from salaries or pensions (except employees / retirees MAI and MAPN). For all the other customers it is requested to show income certificate or other evidence of income.
You can report your card as beeing lost/stolen at (021) 319 93 50 or (+40) 735.19.93.50, the emergency service provided by the bank with non-stop assistance.
For more details regarding your card, call (021) 319 93 50, available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 or send us an e-mail at alphacards@alphabank.ro.

See the details as presented in the tariffs and commissions page.

Benefit of the Option of Payment by Installment!

Alpha Card Visa Credit

Rules - 5000 Alpha Shop points for new Alpha Credit Cards

Rules - Worldwide Installments

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